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Alaska House of Representatives Passes Bill for Cannabis Tax Reform

By Becci Marti / May 14, 2024 /

The Alaskan House of Representatives recently took a significant step towards addressing long-standing concerns within the state’s cannabis industry. On May 10, in a decisive 36-3 vote, the House approved…

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Alaska House Greenlights Cannabis Tax Reform Measure

By Lisa Fairbanks / May 13, 2024 /

A decade following Alaska voters’ historic decision to legalize recreational marijuana, the Alaska Legislature is ushering in the first significant amendment to the law governing commercial sales in the state.…

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Alaska Senate Panel Considers Psychedelics Task Force Bill Amid Federal Legalization Anticipation

By Bayley Greenleaf / May 7, 2024 /

Days after the Alaska House of Representatives approved a bill aimed at creating a state task force to explore the licensing and regulation of psychedelic-assisted therapy in anticipation of potential…

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Psychedelics Task Force Bill Approved by Alaska House in Preparation for Federal Shift

By Mary Marty / May 3, 2024 /

Alaska’s House of Representatives has taken a significant step toward preparing for potential federal changes in drug policy by passing a bill that would establish a state task force to…

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Arizona Governor Signs Bill for MDMA Therapy for PTSD in Public Safety Officials

By Becci Marti / June 21, 2024 /

Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs has signed a bill into law allowing firefighters and peace officers with PTSD to receive workers’ compensation coverage for MDMA therapy, contingent on federal legalization. This…

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California Health Officials Warn Against Mary Jones Weed Sodas

By Bayley Greenleaf / June 6, 2024 /

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) has issued a warning to consumers not to drink Mary Jones hemp-infused sodas, declaring the products illegal and potentially dangerous. The health agency…

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Governor of Maryland Approves Psychedelics Task Force Legislation for Equitable Access Study

By Mary Marty / May 17, 2024 /

The governor of Maryland has signed a pair of bills into law to establish a psychedelics task force that will study legal access to substances like psilocybin and DMT. About…

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Vermont Lawmakers Pass Psychedelic Therapy Task Force Bill, Awaiting Governor’s Approval

By Phil Greenwood / May 9, 2024 /

Vermont’s House of Representatives has taken a significant step toward exploring the therapeutic potential of psychedelics by passing a bill aimed at creating a psychedelic-assisted therapy working group. The legislation,…

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High Demand: Wholesale Cannabis Flower Reaches $2K per Pound in Three States

By Mary Marty / April 8, 2024 /

In the ever-evolving landscape of the cannabis industry, wholesale prices fluctuate as markets mature and regulatory environments shift. A recent report from Leaflink sheds light on these changes, revealing intriguing…

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In 2023, Alaska collected about $28 million in cannabis excise taxes, which made up 1.34% of its total state tax revenue, the highest proportion among the states surveyed.

Green Gold: Cannabis Excise Tax Revenue Tops $2.9 Billion in 2023

By Phil Greenwood / April 5, 2024 /

Washington boasts the nation’s highest cannabis excise tax rate but falls short in its cannabis revenue contribution to total state tax revenue. In the United States, the way cannabis taxes…

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