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Youth Cannabis Use Declines in Colorado Post-Legalization

By Bayley Greenleaf / June 14, 2024 /

Youth Cannabis Use in Colorado Continues to Decline Since Legalization Rates of youth marijuana use in Colorado declined slightly in 2023, remaining significantly lower than before the state became one…

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Exploring Fungi and Cannabis-Inspired Art in Colorado Exhibits

By Gene Mcklnley / June 11, 2024 /

Exploring Psychedelic and Cannabis-Inspired Art in Denver “Mycolandia” opened at Dateline Gallery on June 7 and runs through June 23, featuring 13 artists exploring the world of fungi. Noah Travis…

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A Decade On: Is Colorado’s Regulated Cannabis Model Still Leading the Nation?

By Bayley Greenleaf / May 31, 2024 /

Ten years ago, Colorado pioneered the model for state-regulated, adult-use marijuana, using alcohol and tobacco regulations as a guide. Since then, nearly half of all U.S. states have legalized adult-use…

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A Decade Later: Is Colorado’s Regulated Cannabis Model Still Leading the Nation?

By Becci Marti / May 31, 2024 /

Ten years ago, Colorado pioneered state-regulated, adult-use marijuana without a clear model, relying on alcohol and tobacco regulations. Today, nearly half of U.S. states have legalized adult-use cannabis, often drawing…

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Colorado Teams Up with Driving Schools to Educate Teens on Cannabis-Impaired Driving

By Bayley Greenleaf / May 17, 2024 /

Impaired driving poses a significant threat on roads across the United States, with tragic consequences that extend far beyond the immediate incident. While the dangers of driving under the influence…

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Colorado Legislators Pass Bill to Expand Cannabis Retail: Food Now on the Menu

By Gene Mcklnley / May 9, 2024 /

Colorado lawmakers have passed a bill that signals a significant shift in the state’s cannabis industry. With the approval of Senate Bill 24-76, marijuana retailers will soon have the option…

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Defending Digital Discourse: Colorado Bill Targeting Psychedelic Discussion on Social Media Fizzles Out

By Gene Mcklnley / May 3, 2024 /

The sponsor of a contentious Colorado bill, SB24-158, which aimed to restrict online discourse about certain controlled substances, including state-legal psychedelics, has decided to shelve the proposal for the year.…

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Road Safety Matters: Opinions from a Colorado Official on Cannabis and Driving (Op-Ed)

By Gene Mcklnley / April 18, 2024 /

Introduction: Navigating the Intersection of Cannabis and Driving In the evolving landscape of cannabis legalization, the issue of driving under the influence remains a critical concern. While cannabis acceptance has…

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Social Media Restrictions: Colorado Senate Passes Bill Targeting Drug Advocacy

By Jules Puffings / April 18, 2024 /

Colorado’s Senate has approved a comprehensive social media bill, SB24-158, introducing measures that could lead platforms to ban users for promoting certain controlled substances, including state-legal psychedelics, hemp products, and…

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Colorado Governor Identifies Cannabis Rescheduling, Banking Reform as Initial Steps Toward Federal Legalization

By Becci Marti / April 6, 2024 /

Colorado Governor Jared Polis has reiterated the state’s commitment to advancing federal marijuana legalization, highlighting the importance of incremental measures such as rescheduling and cannabis banking reform. In a keynote…

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