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Georgia Governor Signs Bill to Regulate Hemp Products

By Mary Marty / May 15, 2024 /

Georgia’s governor has approved a new bill focused on the regulation of hemp-derived products and the expansion of the state’s hemp industry. Details of Senate Bill 494 The bill, known…

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Georgia’s Optimism: Rescheduling Signals Easier Access to Medical Cannabis via Pharmacies

By Lisa Fairbanks / May 7, 2024 /

Medical marijuana businesses and regulators in Georgia are celebrating the recent announcement by the federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to move cannabis to Schedule III of the Controlled Substances Act…

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Georgia’s Hemp Regulation Bill: What’s Next for CBD and Delta-8 THC?

By Mary Marty / April 24, 2024 /

A bill awaiting Governor Brian Kemp’s signature in Georgia seeks to regulate hemp products, filling a void in consumer protection. Sponsored by Sen. Sam Watson, the legislation aims to subject…

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Alabama Medical Cannabis Grower Approaches First Harvest Amid Ongoing Litigation

By Phil Greenwood / June 5, 2024 /

Native Black Cultivation Nears First Harvest Antoine Mordican, CEO of Native Black Cultivation and a medical cannabis cultivation license holder in Alabama, is on the verge of harvesting his first…

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Illegal Cannabis Seizure: Over 200lbs Confiscated in I-40 Traffic Stops, $10,000 Seized

By Gene Mcklnley / May 16, 2024 /

The Arkansas State Police’s Interstate Criminal Patrol made significant arrests in separate traffic stops on Interstate 40, apprehending two women for trafficking illegal narcotics. First Traffic Stop: May 7 On…

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US Reclassification of Cannabis: Implications for State Legalization

By Phil Greenwood / May 9, 2024 /

The recent proposal by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to reclassify marijuana as a less dangerous drug has stirred hopes among proponents of cannabis legalization. While the immediate impact…

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High Stakes: Exploring the Political Impact of Weed Legalization for Biden and Trump

By Bayley Greenleaf / April 30, 2024 /

As the American electorate braces for another showdown between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, both candidates find themselves in a unique position to capitalize on an issue that resonates strongly…

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Republican Backlash: AGs Challenge Unintended Cannabis Law

By Jules Puffings / April 3, 2024 /

Addressing Legal Ambiguity: The Call for Congressional Action A coalition of 22 state attorneys general is urging Congress to address the legal vagueness that has inadvertently facilitated the sale of…

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