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Kentucky Gov. Beshear Promotes Cannabis Efforts with VP Harris

Kentucky Gov. Beshear Promotes Cannabis Efforts with VP Harris

By Becci Marti / July 3, 2024 /

Gov. Andy Beshear Responds to Speculation About Potential Presidential Bid, Highlights Cannabis Reform Efforts As speculation mounts about potential alternatives to President Joe Biden on the Democratic presidential ticket, the…

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Kentucky Launches Medical Cannabis License Applications

By Lisa Fairbanks / July 2, 2024 /

Kentucky has commenced the application process for cannabis business licenses, marking a significant step forward in implementing its medical marijuana program. This initiative follows the passage of House Bill 829…

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Medical Cannabis Business License

Kentucky Opens Applications for Medical Cannabis Business License

By Jules Puffings / July 1, 2024 /

In a significant development for Kentucky’s medical cannabis program, Governor Andy Beshear announced on Thursday that the state is expediting the timeline for access to medical cannabis for those with…

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Kentucky Opens Applications for Medical Cannabis Businesses

By Jules Puffings / June 28, 2024 /

Kentucky’s medical cannabis program is making significant strides to expedite access for those with qualifying conditions. Governor Andy Beshear announced on Thursday that the state will begin accepting applications from…

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Medical Cannabis Business Applications to Begin in Kentucky Next Week

By Gene Mcklnley / June 27, 2024 /

Kentuckians will soon have access to medical cannabis with a key date approaching next week. Starting July 1, the application submission period opens for medical cannabis business applications. Businesses can…

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Federal Weed Reclassification: Potential for Booming Cannabis Businesses in Kentucky

By Lisa Fairbanks / June 10, 2024 /

President Joe Biden’s recent announcement to move forward with reclassifying marijuana under the Controlled Substances Act marks a significant shift in federal drug policy. The move would transition marijuana from…

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Kentucky Expedites Medical Cannabis Business Approvals for Efficient Launch

By Bayley Greenleaf / April 23, 2024 /

Kentucky Lawmakers Take Action for Smooth Medical Marijuana Rollout Kentucky’s eagerly anticipated medical marijuana program is on track to launch on January 1, and state lawmakers are taking proactive steps…

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The Challenges Facing New York's Cannabis Industry

The Challenges Facing New York’s Cannabis Industry

By Jules Puffings / July 9, 2024 /

New York’s Ongoing Struggle to Launch Cannabis Companies New York, NY — The launch of cannabis companies in New York continues to face significant challenges, despite state efforts to regulate…

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Johnny Boone, Leader of the Cornbread Mafia, and ‘Godfather of Grass,’ Passes Away

By Mary Marty / June 18, 2024 /

Omertà. It’s the Italian word for “code of silence.” And it’s tattooed on the back of Kentucky’s most notorious marijuana-growing ringleader. But while secrets around the Cornbread Mafia will forever…

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USDA Data Shows Hemp Industry Rebound: Increased Yields and Prices

By Bayley Greenleaf / April 19, 2024 /

Is the U.S. hemp industry experiencing a turnaround? The recent release of the National Hemp Report by the U.S. Department of Agriculture suggests a promising outlook for domestic hemp growers,…

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