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$11M from Missouri's Cannabis Program Allocated to Agencies

$11M from Missouri’s Cannabis Program Allocated to Agencies

By Mary Marty / July 12, 2024 /

Missouri Transfers Nearly $11 Million from Adult Use Cannabis Program to State Agencies This week, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) transferred nearly $11 million in funds…

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Centered Company Faces $20M Lawsuit Over Missouri Cannabis Recall

Centered Company Faces $20M Lawsuit Over Missouri Cannabis Recall

By Mary Marty / July 11, 2024 /

$20 Million Lawsuit Against Delta Extraction Over Missouri Cannabis Recall Delta Extraction, based in Robertsville, Missouri, faced a significant product recall last year, prompting regulatory actions and legal disputes. Details…

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Border Boom: Missouri Cannabis Store Thrives Near Arkansas, Sparks Revenue Debate

By Bayley Greenleaf / June 18, 2024 /

Nestled near the Arkansas border, Flora Farms Stateline Dispensary has quickly become a bustling hotspot since its opening on January 5. Situated just a third of a mile from Arkansas,…

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Second Missouri Judge Approves Controversial Cannabis ‘Tax Stacking’

By Phil Greenwood / May 31, 2024 /

In Buchanan County, Missouri, Circuit Judge Daniel Kellogg ruled that the county government can impose an additional tax on adult-use cannabis sales, even within Saint Joseph city limits. This decision…

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Missouri Cannabis Revenue Allocates $15 Million to Key Beneficiaries

By Bayley Greenleaf / May 30, 2024 /

Missouri’s thriving cannabis industry has generated significant revenue, leading to a substantial $15 million being allocated to three primary beneficiaries. This funding aims to support key programs and services that…

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Legal Ruling: Missouri Municipalities Permitted to Stack Taxes on Cannabis Operators

By Bayley Greenleaf / May 6, 2024 /

A recent judicial ruling in Missouri has paved the way for municipal governments to impose additional taxes on adult-use cannabis sales, allowing them to stack taxes on top of the…

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Combatting Illegal Sales: Missouri Attorney General Targets Unlicensed Cannabis

By Gene Mcklnley / April 29, 2024 /

Last week, the Missouri Attorney General initiated a consumer protection investigation aimed at combating the presence of illicit products within the state. Civil investigative demands (CIDs) were dispatched to several…

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Missouri Attorney General Launches Probe Into Intoxicating Hemp Goods

By Gene Mcklnley / April 23, 2024 /

Attorney General Investigates Intoxicating Hemp Products By Rebecca Rivas, Missouri Independent Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey (R) launched an investigation into four companies Wednesday as part of an effort to…

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Inquiry Launched: Missouri Attorney General Targets Illicit Vape and Cannabis Trade

By Becci Marti / April 22, 2024 /

Missouri Attorney General Launches Investigation into Illicit Vape and Cannabis Products Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey has initiated a comprehensive investigation into the distribution and sale of illicit vape and…

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Missouri Supreme Court Upholds Cannabis Regulators in Cultivation License Dispute

By Lisa Fairbanks / April 8, 2024 /

In a landmark decision on Tuesday, the Missouri Supreme Court unanimously ruled that state marijuana regulators were well within their rights to deny a cultivation license to Mo Cann Do…

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