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New Hampshire Poll: Strong Support Emerges for Adult-Use Cannabis Legalization

By Mary Marty / June 24, 2024 /

University of New Hampshire Poll Shows Strong Support for Cannabis Legalization A recent poll conducted by the University of New Hampshire reveals robust backing among Granite State residents for the…

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New Hampshire House Tables Cannabis Legalization Bill

By Lisa Fairbanks / June 14, 2024 /

The New Hampshire Senate approved a cannabis legalization bill, but the House voted to table it, effectively halting it for now. The legislation aimed to create a state-regulated system for…

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New Hampshire Cannabis Legalization Committee Inches Closer to Deal as Deadline Nears

By Lisa Fairbanks / June 6, 2024 /

New Hampshire’s Senate and House lawmakers made incremental progress in a conference committee meeting on Wednesday towards legalizing marijuana. Both chambers have passed separate bills to create a regulated cannabis…

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House Lawmakers Present Cannabis Legalization Compromise to New Hampshire Senators

By Gene Mcklnley / June 4, 2024 /

New Hampshire Lawmakers Work Towards Cannabis Legalization Compromise Concord, NH, June 4, 2024 — Seven New Hampshire lawmakers from the Senate and House of Representatives convened in a conference committee…

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New Hampshire Lawmakers Set to Draft Cannabis Legalization Compromise

By Bayley Greenleaf / June 3, 2024 /

New Hampshire Lawmakers to Discuss Marijuana Legalization Compromise Concord, NH—June 3, 2024 Lawmakers on a New Hampshire conference committee are set to meet on Tuesday in an effort to strike…

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New Hampshire Lawmakers Reject State-Run Cannabis Retail Plan

By Mary Marty / May 31, 2024 /

On Thursday, the New Hampshire House of Representatives rejected Governor Chris Sununu’s plan to legalize adult-use marijuana sales through a state-run retail model. This decision means New Hampshire remains the…

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New Hampshire Senate Passes Amended cannabis Legalization Bill, Sparking Opposition from Key House Lawmakers

By Phil Greenwood / May 24, 2024 /

For the first time ever, New Hampshire’s Senate passed a marijuana legalization measure on Thursday, returning the bill to the House of Representatives for concurrence on recent amendments before it…

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New Hampshire Senate Panel Alters House-Approved Cannabis Legalization Measure, Advancing It to Final Vote

By Jules Puffings / May 23, 2024 /

A New Hampshire Senate panel has given its approval to a House-passed bill aiming to legalize marijuana, albeit with several amendments. The move sets the stage for a full Senate…

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New Hampshire Senate Passes Cannabis Legalization Bill

By Mary Marty / May 20, 2024 /

Medical cannabis is legal in New Hampshire, but recreational use has only been decriminalized, not legalized. However, the New Hampshire Senate recently approved a cannabis legalization bill in a 14-9…

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New Hampshire Senate Passes Cannabis Legalization Bill with Changes to House Version

By Phil Greenwood / May 17, 2024 /

After a lengthy and spirited debate, the New Hampshire Senate has moved forward with a House-approved bill to legalize marijuana in the state. Here’s a breakdown of the latest developments:…

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