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Psilocybin Bill in New Jersey Amended to Exclude Broader Legalization

By Phil Greenwood / June 17, 2024 /

A New Jersey Assembly committee has adopted an amendment to a psilocybin bill, aligning its provisions with a Senate companion version. This amendment removes language for broader legalization and focuses…

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New Jersey Psychedelic Bill Gains Public Support Ahead of Legislative Hearing

By Jules Puffings / June 6, 2024 /

The U.S. Senate has passed a resolution urging the release of Marc Fogel, a U.S. citizen imprisoned in Russia for marijuana possession. Fogel, a lawful medical cannabis patient in Pennsylvania,…

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New Jersey Governor Honored by Cannabis Strain Named After Him

By Becci Marti / June 3, 2024 /

New Jersey Governor Honored by Cannabis Strain Named After Him, Calls for Further Reform Trenton, NJ—June 3, 2024 Governor Phil Murphy (D) of New Jersey expressed his honor and enthusiasm…

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New Jersey Proposal: State Officials Granted Authority to Regulate Medical Cannabis Costs

By Bayley Greenleaf / May 16, 2024 /

State officials and lawmakers acknowledge concerns raised by medical marijuana patients regarding the high cost of cannabis in New Jersey. Despite widespread acknowledgment of the issue, existing laws provide no…

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Contrasting Cannabis: New Jersey’s Triumph vs. New York’s Trials

By Mary Marty / May 3, 2024 /

The cannabis industry in New Jersey is experiencing a remarkable surge, with sales skyrocketing by 38% in the first quarter of 2024. This substantial increase, reported by the New Jersey…

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New Jersey Celebrates Record-Breaking Cannabis Sales Over 4/20 Weekend

By Phil Greenwood / May 2, 2024 /

New Jersey’s cannabis industry achieved remarkable success in the first quarter of 2024, as regulators reported a record-breaking $201 million in sales. Historic Highs Reached on 4/20 Weekend Over the…

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Federal Appeals Court Upholds New Jersey’s Cannabis Legalization Program

By Lisa Fairbanks / May 2, 2024 /

In a recent ruling, a New Jersey appellate court upheld the state’s recreational cannabis law, declaring its ability to “coexist” with federal marijuana enforcement laws. The decision came in response…

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New Jersey Lawmakers and Cannabis Activists Advocate for Home Cultivation Legalization Despite Current Felony Status

By Jules Puffings / April 24, 2024 /

Legalization but No Home Grow: A Legislative Stalemate In a state where cannabis is now legally available through dispensaries, the ability to cultivate cannabis at home remains prohibited. This discrepancy…

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New York Cannabis Sales Hit $200 Million Landmark

By Bayley Greenleaf / June 13, 2024 /

New York’s Cannabis Market Hits $200M in Sales for June New York is poised to achieve $200 million in cannabis sales in June, a significant indicator of the rapid growth…

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Senate Democrats Renew Push to Legalize Cannabis Nationwide

By Jules Puffings / May 2, 2024 /

Senate Democrats reintroduced broad legislation on Wednesday to legalize cannabis on the federal level, a major policy shift with wide public support, but it is unlikely to be enacted this…

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