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Oklahoma Authorities Seize More Than 17,500 Cannabis Plants

By Mary Marty / May 23, 2024 /

Authorities in Oklahoma have conducted a significant raid resulting in the seizure of over 17,500 illegal marijuana plants and 600 pounds of untraceable processed marijuana. This operation, spearheaded by the…

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Guardians of Green: Battling the Rise of Chinese Organized Crime in Oklahoma’s Cannabis Industry

By Lisa Fairbanks / April 2, 2024 /

Standing Against Shadows: Oklahoma’s Battle with Chinese Organized Crime in the Cannabis Sector In the heartland of Oklahoma, where the fertile soil promises abundant harvests, a darker underbelly has emerged…

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Oklahoma’s Bold Step: A New Industrial Hemp Task Force to Revolutionize Agriculture

By Gene Mcklnley / February 20, 2024 /

Oklahoma’s agricultural landscape is about to undergo a transformational shift, thanks to the state’s forward-thinking lawmakers. In a groundbreaking move, Oklahoma has established a new Industrial Hemp Task Force, signaling…

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Truck Driver Gets Probation in Cannabis Trafficking Case

Truck Driver Gets Probation in Cannabis Trafficking Case

By Bayley Greenleaf / July 12, 2024 /

California Man Sentenced to Probation After Trafficking 360 Pounds of Cannabis in Oklahoma A 56-year-old man from Stockton, California, has been sentenced to seven years of probation following his arrest…

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Cannabis Legalization Linked to Increased College Enrollment Without Affecting Graduation Rates

By Lisa Fairbanks / June 5, 2024 /

Key Findings on Enrollment and Competitiveness A newly published study analyzing college enrollment data has found that states adopting recreational marijuana legalization (RML) have seen an increase in enrollments by…

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Monitoring the Evolving Business Landscape of Weed

By Gene Mcklnley / May 29, 2024 /

The Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) recently shared that the state collected $1.8 billion in cannabis sales during 2023. This figure reflects a combined total of recreational cannabis sales ($1.56…

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Kush Life

By cannabisriskmanager / May 20, 2024 /

Welcome to the Kush Life Podcast where we explore what it means to live life with a full expression of creativity and enlightenment in the state of Oklahoma! Yes that’s…

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Illegal Cannabis Seizure: Over 200lbs Confiscated in I-40 Traffic Stops, $10,000 Seized

By Gene Mcklnley / May 16, 2024 /

The Arkansas State Police’s Interstate Criminal Patrol made significant arrests in separate traffic stops on Interstate 40, apprehending two women for trafficking illegal narcotics. First Traffic Stop: May 7 On…

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Cannabis Market Surges: Wholesale Prices Exceeding Expectations in 2024

By Phil Greenwood / May 7, 2024 /

In a surprising turn, nitrate prices decreased by 11.5% from $12.52 to $11.08. This significant drop caught many industry analysts off guard and could signal shifts in consumer preferences or…

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US Cannabis Industry Sees Decline in Business Licenses in Q1 2024

By Lisa Fairbanks / May 2, 2024 /

The cannabis industry in the United States saw a continued decrease in active business licenses in the early months of 2024, according to data from CRB Monitor, a firm specializing…

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