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Expanding Horizons: Wisconsin's Cannabis Industry Flourishes

Expanding Horizons: Wisconsin’s Cannabis Industry Flourishes

By Jules Puffings / July 10, 2024 /

From Migraines to Market Booms: Wisconsin’s Evolving Cannabis Landscape In Wisconsin, Sara Scott-Hitchings found relief from chronic migraines through legal cannabis products, prompting her move from California in search of…

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Wisconsin’s Wait Continues: The Stalled Journey Toward Medical Cannabis Legalization

By Phil Greenwood / February 22, 2024 /

Wisconsin’s Legislative Roadblock on Medical Cannabis  In Wisconsin, the path to legalizing medical cannabis has hit another detour, leaving advocates and patients in a state of continued anticipation. Despite a…

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Ohio’s Cannabis Industry Gears Up for Adult-Use Market Launch

By Becci Marti / June 19, 2024 /

Ohio is gearing up for a significant shift in its cannabis landscape, transitioning from a medical marijuana market to one that also offers adult-use sales. This move sets Ohio apart…

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Study Reveals 87% of Festival-Goers Plan To Use Drugs, Cannabis Most Popular Choice

By Becci Marti / May 20, 2024 /

As festival season kicks off, a recent study delves into the prevalent drug consumption habits of attendees, shedding light on trends and safety measures. Overview of the Study: 87% of…

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High Stakes: Exploring the Political Impact of Weed Legalization for Biden and Trump

By Bayley Greenleaf / April 30, 2024 /

As the American electorate braces for another showdown between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, both candidates find themselves in a unique position to capitalize on an issue that resonates strongly…

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Going Green: Unveiling the Top Cannabis-Consuming Cities

By Gene Mcklnley / April 26, 2024 /

It’s Popular – But Where is it Consumed Most and Least? In a rapidly evolving landscape of cannabis legalization, the United States has witnessed a significant shift in attitudes towards…

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